The company was established in 1993 and since then we are keen to provide the best services in terms of quality, technical, scientific and understanding and analysis of all available standards, which lead to non-impact on work, which led to the growth of the company year after year and we were able to obtain these services to gain customer confidence And an advanced position among companies

What distinguishes our company from others is that we provide the service with the speed, accuracy and safety required to carry out the work. We have more than 200 buses and containers of various sizes, with modern and different models distributed over more than one place in the country to meet all orders quickly not harming the customer. Commitment to this aspect to avoid the negative effects on production lines and waste lost from delays and violations suffered by the client heavy losses.


And we are pleased to offer you a range of services accompanying the support of the success of the corporate transport strategy and according to the following description:
The company is specialized in providing a specialized system for the executive management of the data and assets of the companies cooperating with it in the field of transport services and traffic management of vehicles; with the provision of electronic services and IT services and building them according to the needs of work with the possibility of linking all the operating offices in all cities in Kuwait. This system was established and developed in cooperation with the oldest companies Global technology.

Through this system you can learn the program of bus traffic and its locations in addition to the immediate A large number of reports and miscellaneous periodic statistics that support the future planning and scientific analysis of the transport sector in the company, for example: (number of passengers in peak periods and others, kilometers per hour, day, week, month, And the depreciation value between two specific dates, payments for each item by bus number or In the name of the driver and with two specific dates, schedules of delivery and delivery of engines, schedules of movement and classification by category, location and timing, and so much so that we can build diverse and reliable information and return to it with ease and ease.

A full file will be opened with each bus containing the license for the bus and insurance, as well as the driver's residence and the license to follow up the date of renewing the license, examination and insurance. There is a schedule for maintenance to know the regular maintenance schedule for the bus. Heat ................ etc.

The buses were delivered to the drivers on a receipt, showing everything on the bus by means of security, safety, equipment, and any means of the bus. N by the direct charge for them 24 hours and all the buses that are bound by the contracts are also followed by the remote tracking system So we monitor the speed and commitment of drivers on the roads and the commitment to work deadlines for all customers as well as receive all the calls of customers on a hot line throughout the day and also follow the drivers by telephone to solve any problems faced by the driver Or hinder his movement while performing his time and in the event of any problems facing the driver, we quickly provide the replacement bus for not delay And the arrival of the bus at the specified time as we follow the periodic bus traffic throughout the day and also organized his time to arrive The driver is on time as we take into account the technical and mechanical condition of the bus before leaving for safety.